Starting with an in-depth understanding of your business model, we offer customized forward-looking solutions that balance strategy and operation.

Enterprise Internet Portal Service

Full terminal coverage with multilingual choices.

What you need is beyond a website! As the Internet is today's infrastructure, an official website becomes essential for enterprises to effectively brand their values, communicate internally and externally, and integrate online applications. What we reflect on and deliver are always solutions that bring out the best of an official website, promoting internal and external information flow so as to help you gain far higher efficiency.

What We Excel In

  • Providing up to 78 languages for your multilingually globalized ambition
  • Integrating rich display terminals (web, H5, mini-app, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Deploying cloud computing as the technology architecture
  • Channeling know-how from top digital design workshop worldwide

Enterprise Operation Support System

From consultation to operation, one-stop services deeply rooted in our industry expertise.

Advances in cloud computing, big data, machine learning, neural networks and other state-of-the-art technology instill in us fresh concepts and also equip us with new capability. By virtue of our technology and R&D accumulated over the past several years, we identify the real needs of our clients and apply new technologies into nearly every aspect of their services and production, boosting their operating efficiency so that they could create far higher value in their communities.

What We Excel In

  • Researching on each sector and developing products accordingly
  • Empowering enterprises with cutting-edge technologies
  • Offering systematic, standardized and sustainable solutions
  • Updating ourselves to meet the demands of thriving enterprises

AI-integrated Development

Top tech giants AI service integration.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), one pillar of the three future-oriented technologies, is becoming an indispensable part of our daily life. Google, Amazon and other tech giants have invested substantially in the R&D of artificial intelligence and are providing APIs for each sector with cloud computing, yet a great number of enterprises don't know how to tap its potential. YUANCHIN, a pathfinder accumulating R&D experience over the past years, paves the way for enterprises to embrace AI by applying the APIs with systematic research and development.

What We Excel In

  • System Integration
  • Software and Hardware Integration
  • AI Cloud Services
  • Cooperation with Top IT Partners